TT, Siliguri, April 19: A tug of war between two Trinamul leaders to gain control over trade union activities at the NJP turned violent today when one’s supporters attacked the followers of the other in an INTTUC office here this evening.
Prasenjit Roy, the president of the INTTUC at the NJP, and Joydip Nandi, the president of the trade union in Dabgram-Fulbari, have been vying with each other to get absolute control of over 15 unions in the NJP area ever since the latter’s brother died in February.
Bijon Nandi, Joydip’ brother, started running all unions at the NJP after Trinamul came to power in 2011. As a lot of illegal deals are struck in the NJP area, Trinamul leaders earn revenue through the control of the unions.
After Bijon had died from a cardiac arrest in February, his brother Joydip and right-hand man Prasenjit fought for a toehold at the NJP.
Prasenjit’s office at the NJP was gutted in a fire on Sunday and he said he was suspecting a foul play.
Prasenjit said he was sitting in the INTTUC office at the NJP today when Joydip turned up with his supporters. “They barged into my office and assaulted INTTUc leaders like Ankur Das and Mrinal Adhikary. As police reached the spot, we left the office. I fail to understand why an attack took place when both of us are assigned specific responsibilities,” said Prasenjit.
Joydip said he was not involved in any clash.
Asked about the two lobbies in the INTTUC, Joydip said: “Both of us are in separate posts and Prasenjit functions under me as he is in charge of NJP only. I look after the entire Dabgram-Fulbari area. There is no rift.”
The police started patrolling the NJP after the incident.