TT: Ranbir Kapoor started his shoot for Jagga Jasoos in Darjeeling from 5am on Thursday, Ranbir Kapoor started his shoot for Jagga Jasoos in Darjeeling from 5am on Thursday, starting with a song sequence around the Mall Road. After an hour, he went to his hotel to change from a grey high neck sweater to a blue sweater for a scene at Chowrastha.

A robbery scene was shot at the popular promenade in town which began around 7.30am. The Oxford book stores in Darjeeling was converted into a bank.

“Ranbir, face covered with transparent plaster-like strips, was seen holding and handing over a robber to four policemen who sped away in a van. At the end, the crowd had to clap at Ranbir’s feat. The entire shoot was quite thrilling,” said an onlooker.

Members of the film unit would not reveal anything about the plaster strips on the actor’s face. Director Anurag Basu could not be contacted.

The next shot was at St Paul’s School in Darjeeling. In the movie, the school is shown as Ranbir’s alma mater and the scene was a flashback to his early days.

Sources said the movie whose shooting had started about one-and-a-half years ago was likely to be released between July and September. The next phase of the shooting will take place at Morocco, said a source.