TT, Jalpaiguri, May 27: Police have reportedly rescued four youths hailing from Haryana after they were allegedly abducted and confined in Jalpaiguri.
Four persons, including an employee of state health department, have been arrested for confining the youths and extorting money from them.
Police sources identified the youths from Haryana’s Sonepat as Jogindar Singh Daiya, Pravin Singh, Sandip Rathi and Harendar Singh.
About six months back, Jogindar had met a youth from Calcutta through a friend in Delhi. They communicated with each other and soon became good friends.
“The youths have told us that recently, Jogindar’s friend in Calcutta told him to make a trip to the Dooars. Jogindar agreed and told his three friends who then planned the trip,” police sources said.
On May 17, Jogindar and his friends arrived in Siliguri. They checked into a hotel and met three youths. After couple of days, the trio took the Haryana youths to Lataguri. There they stayed for some days and then, they were taken to Mathabhanga in Cooch Behar.
“The trio had started demanding money from youths of Haryana. They could understand that they have been abducted,” a police officer said.
After some days, the abductors let Jogindar go home. He was asked to bring Rs 40 lakh in cash as ransom after which his three friends would be released. Jogindar returned with around Rs 4.5 lakh. The trio did not release the youths and demanded more money. But police were tipped off and today rescued the four youths.