SNS | Kolkata | 19 June, 2016: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of tweeting from air-conditioned rooms and not doing much for the people.
In the same breath she told her partymen at a meeting that the Trinamool was gearing up for playing an important role in national politics in the near future.
Lambasting Modi’s pet project ‘Jana Dhan Yojana’, Banerjee said the Prime Minister had helped the poor merely open bank accounts, but had done nothing to help them earn money and deposit it in their accounts.
“How are the poor saving money in the banks ? Our girl students, who opened bank accounts, can deposit money they get from the state’s Kanyashree project, while many villagers and health workers deposit money they receive for 100 days work allotted under MNREGA and health ASHA scheme respectively,” she Banerjee said.
Banerjee was speaking at the first political workshop of the Trinamool after victory in the just concluded Assembly poll.
The CM lambasted the BJP for making false promises before the Assembly poll.
They promised to take over seven closed tea gardens in the state and managed to win a seat from the region on the strength of the false promise.
It’s the state government which still provides rice at Rs. 2 per kg and free medical treatment to workers of closed tea gardens,’’ she said.
Banerjee asked her MPs (both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) to go on the offensive against several policy decisions of the Centre during the monsoon session of Parliament.
She directed them to raise the issues of electoral reform and unaccounted funds of the CPI-M.
Launching a scathing attack on the CPI-M and the Congress, she said the Marxists had ruined Bengal during 34 years of their misrule and urged the people never to forgive them.
“The Congress ruled the country for so many years, yet why hadn’t it launched a worthwhile project for West Bengal? First you solve your (read the Congress) own problems and then criticise us,’ she said.