Related imageVivek Chhetri, TT, Darjeeling, June 29: A couple in their mid-70s and their two sons, who were CPM supporters, were today sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering a GNLF worker more than a decade ago.
Mihir Kumar Mondal, the additional session judge (third court), sentenced Kaila Shankar, 79, his wife Chandramaya, 75, and their sons, Bijay, 53, and Prakash, 44, to life imprisonment and slapped a fine of Rs 50,000 on each of them, failing which the jail term would extend by three years.
Public prosecutor Pranay Rai said: “On November 14, 2004, one Damber Subba, 36, was playing deusi (a socio-religious tradition of Nepalis where boys move and recite legends) in Dooteriah area. Around 7.30pm, he crossed the house where the Shankars lived.”
Rai said: “There was a political rivalry as Subba was from the GNLF and the Shankars were CPM supporters. Subba was attacked by the Shankar family with a sharp weapon. Even the mother asked those accompanying Subba to leave the spot. Subba was brutally hit and his right hand chopped off. He died on the spot.”
The four members of Shankar family were arrested on November 16, 2004, but they were out on bail after 90 days.
Today, judge Mihir Kumar Mondal said: “Chandramaya Shankar and Kaila Shankar, being parents, did not restrain their children but took active part in the said crime….”

KalimNews: Damber Subba, a resident of Ek (1) number village of Dhoteria under Tungsung Tea garden, was brutally attacked by Shankar brothers while their parents Kaila and Chandramaya (at that time were 67 and 63 yrs old respectively) didnot restrain their sons Bijay and Prakash from attacking Damber. Bijay and Prakash chopped off right arm of Damber and hit him on his head and body mercilessly with a sharp weapon called Bamfak and threw his body. Damber died of multiple injuries and excessive bleeding. All four were arrested on November 16, 2004 after Damber’s brother lodged an FIR. Shankar brothers had applied to the High court for putting a stay on the trial of the case at Darjeeling. It was granted for four months and further stay was rejected and the hearing of the case was restarted and finally settled by sentenced to imprisonment for life under Section 302/34 of the Indian Penal Code.