EOI, LOHAGARH (MIRIK), 23 Jul 2016: A college student who was forced to enter the river with his bike after the diversion in the area collapsed was rescued today near Lohagarh tea garden.
Prasenjit Kullu, a first year student of Naxalbari College, was on the verge of getting swept away while crossing the river at Section 20 of the tea garden. Despite being warned, he had entered the river in an attempt to cross it even as the water began flowing swifter.
But as soon as Kullu entered the river, he lost control of the bike and the force of the water washed him away. Fortunately, SSB jawans and some taxi drivers entered the river and rescued him. His bike was also pulled out from the river.
Nishit Chakraborty, a journalist said, “We were taking shots when he suddenly entered the furious river with his bike, but he fell and got swept away along with the bike.”
After being rescued, Prasanjeet said, “Thanks to the people who saved me, I had lost all hopes and thought I would die when the water current starting dragging me.”
He said it was urgent for him to reach college as today was the last date for verification of certificates. He had waited for a taxi but it did not arrive and he decided to take his bike and risk it.
Nearly 1,000 students use this route to get to their educational institutions on a daily basis. Now with the routes blocked, they will be risking their lives in crossing the river