TT, Siliguri, Aug. 10: Authorities of North Bengal Medical College and Hospital here have formed a five-member committee to see if doctors are absent from duty without permission.
Samir Ghosh Roy, the NBMCH superintendent, said the five-member committee comprising doctors was headed by him. “The committee was formed on Friday to check irregularity of doctors and improve the work culture. We will be making surprise visits to different departments and wards anytime during the day to check if doctors are present. We conducted the first visit to some wards and departments today and told the doctors in strict terms that they should be present on duty on all days,” said Ghosh Roy.
The development comes after a group of doctors from the Trinamul-backed Progressive Doctors’ Association alleged last week that some doctors were not present on duty at the NBMCH and yet, their signatures were marked in the attendance registers.
NBMCH sources said there were around 325 doctors at the institute but 50 per cent of them would be irregular. “They are either absent or work only for two to three hours,”said an NBMCH source.
In their absence, the responsibility of attending to patients falls on the remaining 50 per cent doctors and trainee doctors and house staff, who come to around 200.
“The aim of the committee is to ensure that doctors are regular and remain at the NBMCH throughout their duty hours. If any doctor is found to be absent without sanctioned leave, then authorities can take steps like withholding his/her salary,” said an NBMCH source.